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Someone pease help me. Cd touch screen?

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  • Someone pease help me. Cd touch screen?

    I like the new eclipse avx 2404 but at $2100, its a bit pricey. Its a double din 6 inch screen. It then flips down to reveal the cd input. I want this! a touch screen lcd display, nowt an entire computer. Can I get a touch screen and hook it up to my pioneer cd player I have now? I dont really want a dvd player, jsut a touch screen to play my cd's on. Thanks in advance!

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    whats the point? as far as i know the answer is going to be no. you need software to drive the display as well as the thouch pad.

    i know clarion makes a 1 din touchscreen head unit, but i dont know on the price


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      So nobody else would make a double din touch screen cd/dvd player that doest flip out?