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    Did you see Sony's new XA-300 aux input adapter? It has two sets of RCA inputs (for two sources) with headphone jack for private listening of the one, while the other is fed to the headunit and most importantly: one more USB audio input for computer use (the kind high end home A/V receivers have). If I had this adapter (right now I am using XA-107) I wouldn't have to deal with that noise, ground loop isolators, DC filters, proper groundings, cable spacing, etc... not even DC-DC PSU and soundcard (add-on or on-board) -just a USB equiped motherboard. The signal goes digital all the way to Unilink adapter.


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      I'll buy your XA-107 if you get this one and you want a reasonable amount
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        Oh Here

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          Never Mind - its only $99 so Im GETTING ONE

          Crutchfield's Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            How would you tell winamp to send the sound to the USB port instead of a sound card? does this come with drivers of some sort? I don't understand what the USB port is for
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              Originally posted by moahdib:
              <STRONG>How would you tell winamp to send the sound to the USB port instead of a sound card? does this come with drivers of some sort? I don't understand what the USB port is for</STRONG>
              Taken from the Nitty Gritty at Crutchfield:
              USB Input: The USB input allows you to connect a laptop computer to your car stereo system (USB cable not included) in order to play MP3 files or other audio from the computer. The computer must have a compatible operating system in order to work. It must be running Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Mac OS 8.6 or later. (Sony recommends Windows 2000 or Mac OS 9.0 or later)
              All MS OSs past 98 have native USB sound drivers. I imagine once you connect to the xa-300 via USB, you'd get a "USB Audio detected." Then in the control panel, you specify that the usb sound device be used for playback.

              By default, winamp uses the Wave Mapper for the Wave-Out plug-in, so no configuration should be needed if the USB sound device is the default playback device. If that isn't the case, then you could specify that winamp use the usb device under Prefs > Plugins > Output > Wave-out

              If you can score a pair of labtec 1040 (i think that's the right model) usb speakers, you could do this yourself. Gut the speakers, and use the USB->analog audio board to connect your USB PC to your head unit input or source switcher.

              Let me look for a page i read long ago for the details about this....


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                Dimitris1976: So, how does this bypass the need for a DC-DC PSU?!?! You still need to power the motherboard and HD...
                Am I missing something?

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                  I meant that you shouldn't even bother to mess with the complex and expensive task of building or buying a DC-DC power supply, since interferance from an inverter in the trunk shouldn't be a problem anymore. Of course there is always the efficiency issue!
                  So, is anybody out there interested to buy my XA-107 adapter? Keep in mind that I live in Europe so a buyer here would be preferable.

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                    so has anyone tested this for audio quality? thanks,
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                      I have a JVC A/V receiver in my home cinema that has the same feature. The quality is PERFECT.
                      The installation can't be simpler-just plug the usb cable in the computer and Windows detects the new hardware and loads the drivers for the USB Audio Output Device.You don't even have to restart!