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Tapping into +5V from PowerSupply

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  • Tapping into +5V from PowerSupply

    I know this is kind of a nutty thing to do, but until I can figure out how to connect my sound card to the car's audio system I am going to use my PC speakers during the interim.

    The PC speakers required +6V and I was hopping that I could fashion a connector to take the +5V from an available drive power connector and power the PC speakers.

    Is this possible? If so, is the red lead the +5V or is it the yellow lead...

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    I know, know -- you're thinking... "Go buy a voltage meter!"


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      it's the red one...


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        In case you're ever wondering about this and you don't have any pretty colors to work with, a lot of hard drives and CD-ROMs have markings below the power connector that say 12V GND GND 5V (or is it the other way around) that show which wire goes to which voltage.


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          If the five line doesnt work, you could always build a very simple voltage dividing circuit. Wouldnt take more than a few resistors and you could get 6v form the 12v line easy. If you want to try it, drop me an email and ill see if i cant work up a schematic for yeah.


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            And using resistors is going to give you a stable 6V without burning up excess heat?

            Not going to do it, with varying load, your 6V will vary quite a bit (think of the load acting as a variable resistor in parallel with your grounding resistor in a voltage divider).

            Try an LM7806 if you can find one, or an LM7805 with a 1n4001 in series with the ground lead.