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  • What is it ?

    Hi ! Anyone know about these device :

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    The Personal Juke Box is an MP3 player currently in development by a Korean company called HanGo. The device uses technology licensed from Compaq and software from Fraunhofer and Thompson. The first model will have about 81 hours of storage (at 128kbps), because the device uses a regular old 4.8 MB IDE hard drive. It also has a pretty 128 x 64 LCD screen. It has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for up to 10 hours of continuous play, and weighs 9.9 oz. It's heavier and larger than most portables, but this is because of the hard drive, and I think it's a reasonable tradeoff for 81 times the storage of a Rio. The price range they're shooting for is $200-275. It looks like a really promising product, and I want one.


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      In that spec sheet it says that it has a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. correct me if im wrong but isnt that roughly the same as tape?(not talking quality here just frequency response) otherwise it seems really nice the sound-to-noise ratio is that of many portable cd players and it has a pretty reasonably THD rating.


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        You're wrong.
        20hz to 20Khz is the generally accepted range for human hearing. And most can't hear past 16Khz, nor lower than 35hz.



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          I wasnt exactly asking for the range of human hearing...adn the thing that i was trying to point out that if you have a good enough subwoofer you can 'feel' the sounds around 10hz but if that device cant recreate it then you wont be able to hear or feel it.


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            You would have to have an incredible sub to and head deck for that matter to reproduce 10Hz.. Most subs are lucky to hit 25Hz.. For example the top of the line Alpine DDDrive sub max's out at 20Hz.. I don't know of any subs that reproduce 10Hz reliably..


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              Ah! Theres a new club just opened in London (England!) that features "Subsonic flooring".
              The main dancefloor is baically a sub that can go down to 5Hz (if memory serves). The effect is supposed to be fantastic!

              The rest of the place has state-of-the-art sound, it cost 50M (IMS) to set up!

              Cool or what?


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                Something like the flooring that mda spoke is at I can't remember what the freq. response was though.