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What i've learned so far during the build

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  • What i've learned so far during the build

    This is before any actual installation. I'm working with a local car stereo place to do the wiring/lcd install since i want it to look nice.. The computer seems to be running, unknown about stability.. But Here's a good list of what i've learned so far..

    1. The opus 90w WILL fit in the travla c138. You need to remove every single piece of front electronics to make it fit.

    You can drill 3 holes on the bottom of the case and simply mount the piece. I forget who originally suggested this, but it works nicely. You don't need to cut up the housing to make it fit.

    You do however, need to remove the plug that goes to the battery/ignition. This allows it to fit cleanly.

    You can then cut the 2 port usb header off of the circuit board and use it wherver you can fit it.

    I put some electrical tape on the whole housing to keep it from rattling.

    2. You can most assuredly emulate car battery voltage using a decent comp power supply.

    Run 12v to the opus. Run ground to the opus. Run another 12v to the ignition switch, but put a switch in the middle. You can emulate startup/shutdown quite nicely.

    3. Minlogon (winlogon replacement) most assuredly speeds up boot times. Ignore all of the other install instructions and use the recovery console if you're using sp2.

    Install the reg settings from the other threads.
    copy minlogon.exe to windows\system
    reboot with the windows cd, go to recovery console, copy over minlogon.

    That being said, minlogon busted the hell out of my soundcard drivers (turtle beach catalina). It crashes on shutdown.. It doesn't seem to break anything, but I decided against minlogon after this.

    4. You're probably going to need something to isolate the carputer from your amps during standy powerup. It's NOOOOISY..

    Everyone suggests a 30a 12v car relay. I assume i can put it on the ignition wire to keep the amp from powering up until the computer is ready.

    5. Powered USB hubs are a pain. Don't cut yours up until you do the research. I chopped up mine and discovered i can't simply run 5v from the ps to power it.

    6. The buttons in iguidance are very very very very small.

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    Oh yeah..

    Related the the mII120000

    the heatsink over the processor is VERY easy to unseat.
    Monitor your temps. If they look high, remove the board, pull the heatsink, clean everything, reapply a decent amount of thermal grease and reseat..

    Then make sure you don't bonk it.


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      Why can't you run a 5v line from the PS to a USB hub? what did you have to do???


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        You know.. I'm not actually sure..

        I ran the 5v line, and the hub simply doesn't do anything.. Power up or anything else..

        I wonder if i fried it accidentally..


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          Originally posted by Lord_Pall
          You know.. I'm not actually sure..

          I ran the 5v line, and the hub simply doesn't do anything.. Power up or anything else..

          I wonder if i fried it accidentally..
          I am interested in knowing what happened?
          DICE Los Angeles


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            one of the powered hubs i tried didnt work at all either with my m10000. i bought a non-powered hub and it works like a champ. just have to make sure you dont pull more than 500ma combined and you should be all set.
            rebuilding carpc... kinda..


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              Well I got a couple powered hubs at home that I am about to wire up sometime this week, so I'll see how that goes...If anybody has any advice please speak up


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                The powered hub I had required 7.5V I think. Check right near the plug and it should say how many volts and amps it needs to work.


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                  This one claims it only needs 5v (2.5a), but i think i just fried it somehow.. Doh..

                  If that's the only casualty of this install then i count myself lucky


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                    Hi, will the opus fit in the c138 if I use a 3.5 hdd?

                    Peep MY TYTE WHIP yo! It's got too many ill mods to list!


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                      Which hub was it?

                      I just got the linksys USB2HUB4 to use in my setup, due to the fact that it operates at +5V 2.4A (At least that's what the AC-DC adapter puts out).

                      The polarity on the converter diagram appears that the outer shell of the converter plug is the negative terminal, while the inside is the positive terminal. Maybe the polarity was reversed in your setup? (Which would explain why it did not work or why it fried... if you did not see or smell any smoke, it should still work)

                      Devices usually do not like reversed polarity... I've burned more way too many diodes/ICs/etc due to reversed polarity...