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Slim DVD mounting screw/bolts

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  • Slim DVD mounting screw/bolts

    Hi all

    What size are the mounting holes in the back and side of a panasonic slim slotload, although i assume its universal. ive tried opening up a old floppy drive, but they are too small for attaching the laptop - ide convertor to the back.

    So need to know size and if possible an outlet in uk where i can get them!



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    Normally M3 with a limit of 2mm. You can get em from toolstation i think (free delivery and bloody cheap), Radio spares or maplins or a model shop.


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      I tried to get the technical specs (went through the link on the linITX page but was unsuccessful).

      Most drive fittings are as i said M3, try some HDD mouting screws as they should be M3 too but not the self tappign type that is used on some old drives and to assemble cases, hold in PCI cards etc.


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        They are M2 4mm (M2X4). I had the same problem - missing mounting screws for a panasonic slimline slot load. Managed to source them from these guys:

        Click on Products at the top, then screws at the bottom of the list that appears.

        Edit: the side screws are definitely M2 4mm - not sure about the back ones.


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          I know this is an old thread, but for people who search for M2 screw solutions it will help.

          Found a good site that sells M2 threaded rods.

          Fits the slim loading DVD drives perfectly and can be cut to fit custom installs.