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Pc keeps freezing and powering off

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  • Pc keeps freezing and powering off

    The past few weeks ive been building a carputer, I gotta say this forum has helped me out big time and ive learnt alot from it...

    Anyway this is my car:

    Fiat Brava.

    Pc specs:

    1.7 amd athlon
    512 ddr
    2 x 40gig hd
    geforce 3 ti

    I have a 300 watt inverter and a xenarc 7" touch screen.

    The carputer is all installed along with the screen, It runs with no problems at all if the car doesnt move more then 50 metres, after moving about 50 metres the screen either goes black, or just freezes with the current picture on the screen then eventually goes off.

    Ive done a search on the forum but no cables are lose and the pc will boot back up fine.

    The main harddrive windows is running on is about 5 years old and pretty crap, i was wondering if this could be a prob.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this or does anyone know what my problem is?

    Thanks in advance

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    Buy a longer extension cord?

    Anyways, how does it work inside your house?


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      what the..


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        Does the computer freeze/power off inside your house?


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          Its Fine in my house, its fine if the car isnt moving too, just went up the road and it crashed


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            After it dies, can you still start it? If so, how does it work after that?


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              Once its died, i can turn it back on sometimes, sometimes i have to wait for a while, once its back on, its just the same as before, seems to be fine, plays music and divx perfectly, then it crashes again. I have a tower pc laid on its side, is this a problem?


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                I did that when I used a tower pc. Loose connection. Make sure you've got the pc laying down with the MB down. This way the plugs and wires aren't "hanging' from the MB. Make sure all the plugs and connestors are pushed in.
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                  Still need your help guys, any ideas before i chuck a new pc in?


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                    It could be lots of reasons, eg mechanical/heat problem. Check that the CPU HSF hasn't come off. You could also try the "shake test" - while the car is stationary, grab and shake the car PC to see if anything works loose.


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                      Sounds like your alternator isn't powerful enough.
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                        get in the car - with pc going/car running
                        How stable is that? Try for 5-10min

                        Turn lights/heaters/ everything electrical on, and ditto
                        If u manual - try to take off - using as low a rev's as possible (like just before stalling it).

                        Ur voltage may be dropping out
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                          Originally posted by nzKAOSnz
                          Ur voltage may be dropping out
                          Get a digital meter and measure the voltage coming out of the power supply under all conditions. If it's pretty steady, you can't completely rule out a voltage problem, but it would be a lot less likely. I had frequent freezes on my PC if the car was off. Turned out to be low voltage. You may have the same problem in reverse.
                          Originally posted by ghettocruzer
                          I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                            The voltages are fine and ive had the car running for 20 minites plus and the pc has been fine. Ive shook the pc about (not to hard ) but that didnt do anything.. only seems to cut out or power off when i move the car.. could it be something to do with the EARTH?


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                              Still sounds like summit loose to me and my best bet would be a pic card or the CPU. Check and double check all your connections, including closing all molex connectors with a small screwdriver as they open out. With PCI cards try puching the part furtherest away from the back panel and see if it rocks in, also try taking the screws out, puching them back in and then when you put the screws in check to see if the car moves out again - you could have a slightly warped case which will make the cards unstable and prone to moving when you drive.

                              Good luck