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Inverter noise!

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  • Inverter noise!

    I just recently got a cigarette adapter extension cord to move my inverter to the back of my truck, the only thing is everytime I turn it on it makes a beeping sound that it neve made before. It scares me! Is this a bad thing? Will it mess up my power supply, or is it normal?

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    It's normal for an inverter to "squeal" if it's being overloaded. Try searching the board and there was a discussion about this before.
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      Brandon, its squealing because its low on power / overload.

      If it only squeals for a second thats ok.
      If it keeps squealing- the extension cord you got is not up to spec for the power the inverter needs.

      The amperage requirements of the inverter cant be pulled over the smaller wires of the extension.

      You need a heavy duty extension, something with 8-10 Gauge wire should doo.

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        Cigarette lighters are known for noisy signals. You'll probably find that the sound quality improves if you run a high quality wire directly from the (+) terminal on the battery into the inverter. connect the (-) wire from the inverter to the frame of your car.

        You'll need to install a switch in there to turn it on and off, though.
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          I also ran a wire from the power supply case to a ground on the car. That seemed to clear up quite a bit of engine noise...

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