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new asus barebones that might be fun to play with

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  • new asus barebones that might be fun to play with

    saw this and thought you guys would like a look.

    hack it apart and use it in conjunction with a TS and you have a nice set up.
    TS Head unit design kinda and a Carputer all in one.

    dont know about you but i want one to hack apart and see what i can do.
    the S1-P111 that is

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    what no thoughts or ideas?


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      It's quite big for an all in one head unit install : 9.5W x 7.1H x 13D (inches)
      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        I don't think you would put the whole thing in your dash! that screen would make a pretty nice controller on a dash but does it onlky work with the bios player or does it also work when XP is running? Would be cool to have on a cover infront of a touchscreen or int he area covered by a fold out screen so you can do the basic mp3 & FM thing without booting te PC and having the screen out.


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          it would seem kind of a waste to put the screen on there and only have it work with the bios player. it HAAAAS to work with the OS too, otherwise the designers are just plain


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            I am now looking into hacking this box apart, it claims to have "instant on" but I am wondering what exactly is "on" in an instance. My main thing is I don't want to spend 300 on the box and throw more than half of it away.

            Anyone play with this yet?



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              the instant on probably refers to the bios being able to play mp3s etc without the OS running.


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                Yep ! An os is not needed to play mp3, cd, dvd, tv or radio.
                Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p