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No more headphone to rca connectors

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  • No more headphone to rca connectors

    I don't know if any one has mentioned this befor but I came across a car amp with a built in fiber optic toslink input. With a dolby digital 5.1 decoder built in. The bad thing is it only has 100x5 and 200x1 max output, 50x5 and 100x1 RMS. I have a 1971 VW Bug so i don't really need more than 250 watts RMS surround. It has a pre amp for the sub channel so it can always be beefed up.
    Here is the link,OctaneR 5.1MT
    Just thought i would put my two cents in and introduce myself teh the forum. Oh yea this is my car, LINK , car computer to come after X-mas.

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    My first two cars were Beetle's, they were a riot to own and drive, so much you can do with them! You look like you have a lot of opportuities with this one, it really is a labor of love though, good luck!