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"Banging" in the Speakers

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  • "Banging" in the Speakers

    Hi there, i was wondering if any of you guys/"girls?" could help me.

    When i turn my MP3car ON or OFF i hear a damn loud "bang" in the there a way to get rid of that?

    One more thing...does any1 has an Award BIOS in your mobo?...I would to know if there is a way to skip the 3 times!?!?!?!? memory test.


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    YES! I have the three times mem test too! With 64mb, it takes a while. Eventually i will try changing the SIMMS, see if that helps.
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      To prevent the memory being tested 3 times, go to the bios (press DEL), and enable "quick boot" or something like that, i can't quite remember what it's called. (and i wont shut down my computer to check)


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        Thaks man...but that option doesnt exist on my Award BIOS...just the Quick Power On Self Test and that is already Disabled ((....bur 10x anyway


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          Erm surely the quick power on self test should be Enabled otherwise it will do the full self test


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            lol....i'm really lame Sproggy...u'r right of course...but i've tried the two ways...and it sill doesn't work (

            What about the "banging" prob in the speakers? Is there a way to correct that?


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              Try turning the computer on _before_ the stereo..

              Amplifiers on last, off first...



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                yep its speaker thump ;-))

                there are circuits to de-thump.
                or turn the vol down before you turn off. that way you reduce output at turn on...
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                  I have an AWARD Bios for my 166MHz Pentium, and turning on the Quick Boot will only make one memory test (i have 64 MB and its really quick, about 2-3 secs.). Dont forget to save (you never know...) the settings. As for the "Bang on the Speakers" i had a similiar problem with my 300W speakers (multimedia spkrs). The only way i found was to turn off the internal amplifier on my SB16 and use the line out output. Im from Portugal too, from Setubal and im gathering the necessary parts for building my own MP3Car. If you can give me any ideas or contacts ill be greatful. If you have an website or pictures of your MP3car please send them.

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                    Yeah, i had this problem with my old desktop motherboard. It's definitely an option in the bios, after i added some ram, it seemed to count the ram 3 times, instead of just once, i think you have to turn on the quicktest in order to fix this, otherwise, try loading your BIOS defaults, there should be an option there on the main screen that says load defaults, or even Fail Safe settings, which will counter any errors you may get, or even ram count. I got a new motherboard, and never had that problem again. What i think the problem was, was that i placed 168PIN ram along with 72PIN ram, so, i had 2 32SIMMS, and 1 64 SIMM, and they were just conflicting, or the different PIN settings were not reading correctly together.
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