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Is an auxiliary audio input possible through the Alpine M-Bus?

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  • Is an auxiliary audio input possible through the Alpine M-Bus?

    A simple question. Is it possible to configure the M-Bus connector on an Alpine head unit to be used as an auxiliary input?

    I wish to connect a laptop computer to my alpine head unit via the multichanger input.

    I've tried to connect to the audio pins, but it looks like I need to somehow fool the head unit that it is the CD changer talking.

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    i am thinking of trying this with my AIWA unit, seeing if i can pick up a changer for cheap, then installing it, and putting a switch on the audio lines, so i can switch between changer and mp3.
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      Yeah, getting a multichanger and switching the audio lines is a definite possibility. Just in case you've not already found it the pinout and wire colours for the 8 pin din connector can be found at this address.

      Pin out diagram


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        ...of course this is Alpine/Acura - and there are differences there, so don't know if Aiwa will differe again, but it's a start!