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switch for power to motherboard

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  • switch for power to motherboard

    I was thinking off throwing in a switch instead of having the opus turn on my computer. Would this work? If i just kept it in the open position and then to turn it on i just flicked it closed and then open again? I would use like speaker wires or cat5 wires or something like that? sound reasonable to anyone?
    2004 GMC Envoy

    Installed: VIE EPIA M1000, OPUS 90W, 180 Gig HDD, Lilliput 7" Touchscreen, DVD Rom.

    Contemplating: GPS, Mounting ideas, slimline slotload drive.

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    I have both. Just connect the wires running from the Opus to the mobo and then tap into them with t-taps and run those wires to a momentary switch. I got this one from ratshack.
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      I did the same in my build but using the ITPS, not sure about the Opus wiring though. Just spliced the reset button from the PC case into the red and black wires from the ITPS going to the motherboard "pwr" plug. This lets you override the controller by sending a momentary connection to the pwr port on the motherboard. In my setup / bios config, pushing the button for a second or so forces it to standby. Holding the button for 4 seconds forces it to shut down.

      Works great if you need to hard reboot when the car is running or you get out of sink with the key position. You could use cat 5 cable or just about anything else since there is no load on this circuit.