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dc-dc and engine noise

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  • dc-dc and engine noise

    if i were to use a dc-dc power supply instead of an inverter, would that help get rid of the 'buzzing' in the speakers? i've had the buzzing and i've tried lot's of things to get rid of it (loop isolator, grounding-still haven't figured that one out) and nothing has really helped. if i were to use a dc-dc, would that kill the buzzing, or would i still have alternator/engine noise? any help from the 'dc-dc experts' around here would be great

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    Check out in the picture section it shows how I grounded mine.
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      Check the thread "CheesyHowards keypad".

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        Inverters can (and do!) introduce 60Hz hum or buzzing into the audio signal. Since most DC-DC PSUs switch at very high rates (above human hearing in most cases) the 60Hz will disappear with a DC-DC PSU.

        Engine noise can be a problem regardless of what type of PSU you use; it is a different problem alltogether.

        Often times when an inverter is used, you must commonly ground all components involved (inverter, computer case, etc.) to get rid of 60Hz noise.

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          my problem with the grounding is that i can't figure out where the hell the wire should touch the car frame. is there a certain place? also, would it make a difference if my motherboard is not screwed into the case at all and consequently does not touch the case in any way other than the power cable? one more ?. should i ground the inverter in some way too? thanx for all your help