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    To all that may not be aware of, or up to date on the EIO / ECSC site information, i am starting this little forum to keep everyone aware of and updated on the ongoing bull**** that people have and continue to experience in attempting to order or receive their product.

    While this firm's products are more than reasonably priced, there is a hidden cost to this. Anyone who has hung out in #mp3car on Efnet is aware of the ongoing grief surrounding peoples efforts to deal with this company, myself included. Waiting periods of more than a month to receive product is not uncommon, and as recently as this past August, there was a three month waiting period for people to receive these 6" Sharp screens. Excuses during this period of time from EIO ranged from them being in a period of moving from one location to the next, a shipment caught in customs that they couldn't get ahold of, a shipment being stolen from them, etc.

    For a brief period, they apparently were doing well in meeting customer expectations, the first three weeks of September i believe. Then it all went to Hell in a hand-basket again. About the middle week of October, it was found out that EIO had apparently been evicted from their place of business in Gardena (Thanks for the tip, KPT) and they became very difficult to contact, putting the phone on an answering machine, and not answering messages, as well as very selectively answering emails. They claim to have moved from that place of business. This business is certainly mobile, they've been claiming to be on the move since i first visited the web site a year ago! The EIO LCD hypermail web-board ( ) is currently filling up with customer complaints about shoddy service, screwed up orders, excessively long delays in filling orders, inaction on returns of defective product, etc.

    If you are fortunate enough to receive contact from this firm via email, it's invariably after a two week period from your initial email to them.

    If you have a problem with an order not being shipped out, it's for one or more of the following reasons:

    a: Your cheque didn't get there, they claim *cough*Bull*****cough* - real reason, they misplaced it, or they screwed up their accounts receivable paperwork, or they are stalling for time.

    b. They indicate they are behind in filling orders and answering email due to disorganization brought about by their physical move and relocation. Ok. Only problem is, they've been using that excuse +9 months now, it's getting old.

    c: There shipping department has screwed up a series of orders, so they fired half of the people in the shipping department. the other half of the shipping department is now backlogged in catching up with shipments. Hello?!?? This is a systemic problem, if true.

    All of the above i have gathered from info from others, as well as from my own experience in dealing with EIO through two orders. On the first order, i am still awaiting satisfaction on a missing component a month later after receiving the incomplete shipment. The second shipment, is now over a month in their hands, with no sign of it being shipped out. Excuse (c) from above is currently being used by EIO, just FYI.

    Feel free to post your own horror stories if you have them. In some perverse way, it may make you feel a wee bit better to know you/I am not alone...


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    Mp-Ford is exactly right. His allegations are similar to my own . Although my order did get here, it took about a month to long. It was sent 3 day mail but somehow found itself in my hand a month after the due date. They said at first they sent it the wrong priority, then they said it was damagged. Finally, it got here. Someone should contact the Beter Buisness Beurau or file a Class action law suit or something, its rediculous.


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      Just thought i'd submit an update of the EIO crap-fest, as background info, i had sent them an email request for change of address for my package delivery, due to an imminent union strike situation at the address of delivery the end of the first week of November. There reply to that was that it was shipped upon receipt of the email. They screwed it up, again.

      *----------My Reply--------------------*

      Needless to say, i am not pleased.

      Perhaps if my email messages had actually been read in their full entirety prior to the order ship-out, or indeed, the order had been filled in a timely manner, this would not have happened.

      I am in a strike position with my employer. The shipping address you sent it to is my employer. Any mail sent to my employer is his property, even if he refuses to accept it, and as such, even though it has my name on it, the posties' may refuse to release it to me if it is still around. I will attempt to get a handle on where the package has been sent to, however, as the package would have had customs charges owing on it to cross the border, it has no doubt been sent back already if it's acceptance has been refused.

      I will reply email back tomorrow with any success/failure reports.

      I hate being sarcastic, but my patience has grown very thin in trying to deal with getting this order, and the owed component from the previous order, from you since October 6th. Is there possibly any other way this order could have been screwed up on your end?

      W****** Sxxxxx.

      *---------their original response----------*

      It would seem that your order was shipped to the first address we had for you. Is there anyway you can check to see if it was delivered to that address? It was shipped via the U.S. mail parcel post so we don't have any tracking numbers. If it wasn't received at the old address it could possibly still be at your main post office in Oxxxxxx since returns or undeliverable packages tend to sit a while in post offices before anything is done with them.

      Please let us know what you find out so we can fill out the necessary forms to have it tracked down.

      Doc Salvage


      How much more badly can an order be so screwed up by these people? I've lost all hope of seeing my product, don't waste your money either, people.



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        Perhaps i barked too soon.

        After about a half days tracking, i found my package at a post office outlet. i have yet to test the 6" sharp (but will do so pdq to be sure), but so far everything looks fine.

        My beefs with EIO remain to be the timely filling of orders, and their ability to keep the lines of communication open via either email or phone. In order to keep happy customers, they need to improve on these two areas radically. This is not based upon one order, but with two orders in the past four months.

        If you can, order COD from this company, rather than getting all worked up over worrying whether you have seen your money go bye-bye.


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          EIO can't be the only company selling these things. Anyone found another supplier?