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  • XM Direct Epia line in

    I have my XM direct connected to my EPIA 800 motherboard's line-in. I have the epia Line-out connected to my head unit's auxillary in which is connected to my 4 channel amp. When I play the XM Radio in frodoplayer I am only getting audio out of two speakers instead of four. My mp3's in frodoplayer play fine on all four. Is there a setting in XP that I can change to fix this or am I stuck with two speakers until I upgrade to a sound card and get digital out?
    EPIA 800, DWW-7VGA LCD w/Touchscreen, 256mb ram, dvd rom, ati radeon 7000 video card, 80 gb 3.5" hard drive.

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    Maybe I have miss understood you.
    But what you said makes no sense, unless the sound is only coming from left or right channel? Not the front or rear. If this is what is happening then you must have your channels miss wired.

    Check the balance and fader from your stereo. And make sure that you have the amp connected correctly.

    If not wire them up right.

    Check the balance in your volume control panel, pay close attention to the line in.

    Then check the cable from your XM and make sure that you donít have a bad cable or that it is not partway unplugged.