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Starting car while player is running

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  • Starting car while player is running

    When I start the engine with my standard car stereo playing it turns off while the starter motor is cranking. Does this happen also with mp3car setups and if so I guess the system has to reboot?
    Honda CRX. Custom enclosure.
    Supermicro SED MB (Onboard sound and TV-out). Celeron 700. 64mb ram.
    40 GB Seagate HDD on vented foam mount.
    Keypower DC-DC KP-DX 250H ATX 250W.
    Delvcam 5.6" TFT LCD Monitor.
    Old headunit (ripped out tape mechanism added audio inputs on back).
    X10 RF mouseremote.
    "Wired Ride" web site

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    This is a common occurance. A starter motor creates a large voltage draw on the battery, usually dropping the supplied current to the rest of the car's systems to below +12 volts, in which case the computer / inverter will shut down due to inadequate voltage. Only work-around to this that i know of is a dual battery system.


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      Or to buy one of my powerup/powerdown boards.
      goto and click on the Autooff Relay link

      This board will 'help' prevent your computer from trying to boot up when you are cranking. It won't supply power to your PC unless the ACC line is on for 5 continous seconds.

      To prevent sudden shutdowns, your acc line has to be off for 8 continuous seconds before the computer/inverter is turned off, and then only after a 30 second delay.

      Load some UPS software (like Powerchute) to properly shutdown your PC and Voila!



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        Make that


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          I can Start, Stop the car with no interuption.
          Use a flyback regulator for your 12volt. It can take between 8-16 volts and give you a clean 12 volt out @ 1.2amp.


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            Where can I get that?
            How much does it cost ?



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              You will need to make one.
              The National Semiconductor part called lm2587t-12 is the main part. You can get samples, U will also need a transformer that can be sampled also. Then national semiconductor site also has some cool software for designing the circuit, and the data sheet that you can download also has circuits for 8-16 in & 12volt out.