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GPS (Handheld to Computer) Question

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  • GPS (Handheld to Computer) Question

    Newbie with a GPS question! And yes I have searched this topic but did not find the answer I am looking for. Here goes:

    I am looking into adding GPS to my computer (soon to be in the car). I would like to buy a handheld unit that can function as the receiver for my computer driven software (Co-Pilot, Rand Mcnally, etc...still deciding). This is because I fish a lot and would like to use the handheld on my boat, but be able to plug it into my car computer for use in my car. Has this been done by anyone? It looks like the Garmin III+ is able to do this but am unsure. Any help from prior situations would be great!


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    Next year - when i've got a couple of hundred quid to spare - i'll be adding an Garmin eTrax connected to the mp3 player with the optional cable and using MS AutoRoute 2001 as my GPS - someone else in the UK has already done it and says it's the dogs!
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    Darren Thrower


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      I think all the Garmin handhelds have a digital output for that purpose...they call it computer link or something.

      I have a Garmin II and it has it.
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        My Garmin EMap came with a serial port cable. Works very well with MS Streets & Trips. Only problem I have is the EMap tends to lose signals way too easily.