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How do I know how many Watts??

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  • How do I know how many Watts??

    How do I know how many Watts I need out of a DC-DC converter? Im gonna be using a BookPC...

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    As far as I know... you gotta look at all your peripherals like hard drive and cd rom if you have one..and look at the information on the amperage and at which voltage. you do this for every external device you have and use P= I* V ( power in watts = current in amps X Voltage in V) and you can figure out for external devices. As far as cards ( pci, agp or isa), i don't really know how to find out that info. i guess it's a try and see if it works kinda deal but if ur external devices already exceed the maximum output of the dc-dc you gotta go for a higher wattage output dc-dc. If anyone know more about how much mobo , cpu and other cards power requirements please illuminate us =)
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      OKay I figured out that the components on a BookPC take around 100watts but u can get away with 60... Thanx for ur help...