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Using a Palm pilot to control winamp

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  • Using a Palm pilot to control winamp

    Does anyone know if you can use a Palm pilot M100 or M105 to control winamp? I used the search but every link to a website for either installs or software was dead. I would like to use the Palm pilot and the M100 or M105 are affordable compared to a character lcd screen and a keypad.

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    Check this
    it lets you emulate a keyboard and a mouse with your palm. Might be useful.


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      You can download palmamp from tucows. There is another one I have tried called busker. It is now free but it's not as reliable and I dont know where to get it.


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        this has been talked about if ya search beleive it or not

        but i tried both thoise programs and u cant chamge playlists or anything, you would have to have 1 pplaylist for every single song and then leave that loaded the whole time.

        also both programs are unreliable, i made both crash pretty easily without trying, just get an irman or keypad.