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  • Will this work?

    AT The first DC-DC converter on the page, the 100w one, will it work with a bookpc that requires 100w or will I need more than this. It just seems pretty cheap for a DC-DC converter compared to the Powerinverter i was goin to get.

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    that dc-dc is 48 vdc = 5vdc


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      What does that mean? I don't quite get all the -12 -5 +12+5 stuff. Can someone explain?


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        the +12 +5 -5 -12 are the voltages that run the computer. And also if you plan to hook it up to your car the input should be 12V. These are hard to find a very pricy. The one i know that's 110W output is $145 at they also have a 65W one that's $100 or something like that.
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          How many watts does a standard PC setup need? (1 Hard Drive, 1 Cdrom, 1 Floppy, 1 Cpu fan...)


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            Originally posted by HunterC47:
            What does that mean? I don't quite get all the -12 -5 +12+5 stuff. Can someone explain?
            For a useful analogy, if electricity were water, then volts would be water pressure, and current would be flow rate. Too much voltage means burst pipes (fried equipment).


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              Orrrr, you could build your own for the mere cost of 15 dolla! I'm still looking for that link, i'll post it when i find it, for all you space savy, EE geeks out there. It's basically a laptop DC > DC modulator, all you have to do, is solder all the +5, grnd, and +12's to the unit. It's simple, but took me a few nights to finish soldering and testing. It was actually fun. yay.
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                I think Im just going to hook it up to a Power Inverter for cheaper and hardwire the power inverter and put a noise filter on the line and ground the computer and from what Ive read that should eliminate any noise.