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Problems with Hibernation

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  • Problems with Hibernation

    First off, Hi. I'm new to the forums but a longtime modder.
    Secondly I think this is the right forum, sorry if it isnt

    And finally, my carputer specs are as follows: ASRock K7S41GX, AMD Athlon XP 3000+, Audigy 2ZS plat w/ bay. 120GB seagate, onboard video/nic.

    Now this was also happening with my old setup (older parts, but for the same thing) when I hit the button to hibernate (my power button for carputer) it does everything fine, same with turning on. However I wont have any sound output until 20seconds after its out of hibernation. Any ideas why?

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    Thats really weird, because I'm getting sound even before I see the windows desktop (or the mediacar screen). I'm using the onboard audio of my Via Epia TC and winamp to play audio (since thats what mediacar is using).
    The sound starts playing (if, i hibernated in the middle of a song) a few seconds before the lilliput can sync to my powerstrip-set resolution and refresh rate.


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      Yeah because I dont get it. The very first time I did my setup (on trial #3 right now) it would play instantly, but my Audio HQ settings wouldnt kick in for 20 seconds, and it makes a noticable difference when it kicked in. I just cant figure out what I did, even that would be a start. I'm thinking it may be software related, but everything is 100% updated.


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        Are you sure the fault is in the computer and not anything else in your audio system? Maybe your amps are not turning on for some reason (remote wire is on some kind of delay)? You said that the same thing is happening with 2 different computers so it makes me think that the problem is not with the computer.

        Unless you used the same Audigy sound card in both computers, in which case it could be a problem with the sound card and/or the drivers for the sound card. If that board has integrated audio (or if you have another sound card lying around), maybe try using that just to see if it clears up the problem.


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          Hmm, interesting problem.. I wonder if it has anything to do with the software taking a bit to load with windows... If your front end starts playing automatically (and run as a service to do so) it will load before any of the software that is pre-loaded.. It's possible that your AUdio software pre-loads drivers when it loads it self (after your audio has started playing) making a significant change in the way audio is played..
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