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  • Hard Drive DivX / MP3 Player

    These look interesting, did a search and didn't see mention of them. This one is a portable HD / DivX player. Another similar one here


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    This could be neat hooked up to rear screens as the people in the back can either watch the gps data or see what track you are playing by hooking up to your vga or tv out on the PC and can then change to watching a movie/listening to mp3 off the drive connected to another AV input and using headphones. You can also have the drive connected to your PC for film/mp3 storage in one central database. Saving your pc from playing films and doing gps. neat!


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      I'm really beggining to like these things...
      Renault Megane...the OEM look

      The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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        These things could be seriously useful:

        it would be like having a plane set-up. The poeple in the back can either tune into the GPS map via VGA (or AV in if you don't bother with VGA screens) or can listen to any mp3 or watch any film they want off the HDD using the remote and OSD.

        In the front you can also have it hooked up to your AV so you can switch between GPs and movie instantly by pressing AV in. (you can check the kids arent watching your porn)

        This set up saves your PCs power as it doesnt have to play film the background.

        Also if you dont have the AV cable set up to the front and dont have any DVD option on your fron end then people can watch films in the back but not in the front - perfect for those of you with strict laws on films in cars.

        I thinkt he 1st one can also output the video via usb as well as AV so you could simply have your film button in frodo or summit switch to the usb video stream if it is the case instead of having the AV input used if you have auto AV set up for rear view etc so dont want it flicking to video when people use the player in the back.

        Makes me wish i had screens in the back of my car!

        Also, if your car pc is out of action you can just use this for music etc!


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          Man this thing would be almost perfect for anyone who just wanted to hook this up to a tv and play music and movies. Too bad it doesnt have a rechargeable battery and a little lcd screen, itd be better than an ipod!


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            You mean like this?


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              Originally posted by ukchris
              I guess you could just install the ones with screen into the headrests and be done with it or use the ones ont his page with nice 7" screens
              so you can have the gps option for passengers. They even have an FM option but they aren't exactly cheap or int he spirit of DIY car-pcs. I prefer the original ones you posted for value for money and you can add any HDD you want.