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Head Decks that DEFINITELY have AUX in?

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  • Head Decks that DEFINITELY have AUX in?

    Ok.. I'm trying to make a list of head decks that DEFINITELY have AUX in.. you hear "Yes, clarion have a deck with AUX in" or kenwood or alpine, but as much as I try, I can't find any decks other than the pioneer, Blaupunkt, JVC and Panasonic that actually have parts that allow AUX in..

    So, if anyone here has a deck that accepts AUX in could you reply to this message and tell me what model number the deck is and the model of the AUX adapter, if there is one.. and a URL would be great.. cause I've looked all over the web and can't find all that much..

    I don't want anyone to reply with a "I've heard" kinda thing.. only if you have done it yourself or you have seen it done first hand..

    I'll start it off by saying that I have a DEH-2050 Pioneer Head Deck with a CD-RB20 AUX adapter.. the URL for the AUX adapter is for the AUX adapter..


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    All AIWA CD receivers have front input aux jacks. I have the X175M hooked up to my mp3 player and it sounds great.

    <a href="">AIWA models list</a>

    You see pictures of my current setup on my page in the Details section.
    <a href=""></a>


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      kenwood have an aux input adaptor for thier head units that have cd changer capability. it is displayed on the back page of the catalog. if memory serves right it is cd-cs1a part number.only trouble is i cant get one here in australia!!! pioneer have two adaptors cd-rb10 aux only and cd-rb20 aux and cd changer. blaupunkt have switchable aux in as well but cant remember adaptor part number but it only cost $26 aud so must be cheap in the states!!!
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        Eww pioneer I had one of those things
        <A HREF="[/URL" TARGET=_blank>


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          You obviously didn't have the latest model version.. cause mine kicks ***.. my friends have Alpine, Kenwood and Clarion decks and I wouldn't swap with any of them..


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            As for the Kenwood AUX adapter.. its actually the KCA-S210A not the CD-CS1A.. you can find it at the kenwood site by selecting that model number.. its freaking pricy though.. $80-100..


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              Then newest Panasonic Deck (DXF-88 and 99 i think) have an rear Aux input on them.. They are the ones that have the Day/Night Face..



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                Most Blau's can connect an aux input with an adapter - but you sacrifice the cd/md changer input. I wonder how difficult it would be to connect an a/b switch to select between a changer and the aux in? :^)

                From the Crutchfield website:

                Blaupunkt AUXIN
                Optional Auxiliary Input Harness

                Add an auxiliary input to your Blaupunkt Toronto, Sydney, Nevada, Alaska, Arizona or Colorado receiver with this optional adapter. It connects to the back of the receiver, and contains a stereo mini-jack so you can add a portable MiniDisc or cassette player to your system instead of an optional Blaupunkt CD changer.



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                  Hey mate

                  I got a Juni tape player and it also has a RCA input (i will tell you the model number later as i dont have it here with me).

                  But anyway RCA input can be installed in most of the decks ( bit of hard wiring) and you dont really need to be an expert to do that!

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                    So thats it??

                    AWIA, Pioneer, Blaupunkt, Panasonic, Kenwood and JVC..


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                      What more do you want? Radio Shack head units? I think there is plenty of selection in that group : ) Other than Sony, most of the big players in the industry are there...


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                        oh yeah...and Clarion and Jensen too, but I know some of the Clarion units have input too. Any Clarion owners wanna speak up?


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                          Yeah of course Clarion has full RCA input and few RCA outputs (including Sub out with inbuild Xover).
                          I recon Clarion rocks big time!!!


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                            And what Clarion model is that?? You did what I asked you not to.. its like me saying "Yeah.. Alpine has AUX in".. it means nothing.. Clarion is NOT on the list of Head Decks that have AUX in because no where on their website is a deck that has AUX in and you haven't provided any sort of evidence.. So it looks like Clarion doesn't "rock" at all..


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                              Ok mate...
                              Here is the model number for the Clarion deck
                              i was talking about..
                              Clarion ARX7470
                              its a tape deck with MD/CD/TV controls
                              it has 1 RCA input and 3 RCA outputs.

                              Also inbuild Xover on 3 frequency.
                              Lowest distorsion level (out of most decks around)and they mostly used in camps.

                              I personaly got 150+dbs using this deck with
                              2 15" Clarion Subs.

                              So after all it rocks big time!!!


                              System Comp V3 - In progress.
                              Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.