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types of video?????

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  • types of video?????

    can someone rank these from best quality to worst? TFT, active matrix, Passive matrix, NTSC(which uses RCA connector right?) how bad would passive matrix be compared to tft?
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    Active matrix TFT os best
    NTSC is the RCA . Video S is best i beleive. Active Matrix is a must for reading in well lighted areas.


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      A passive matrix monitor is difficult to read at an angle, and can't be seen in direct sunlight. TFT is a type of active matrix. NTSC refers to the analog TV standard used in the United States. Most consumer grade products use an RCA connector for the composite video connector. S-Video is the next step up the connection chain, but it is still an NTSC signal in the US. There are two more steps up in connection quality, with only component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y) becoming more prevalent at the consumer level, thanks to DVD.
      Bottom Line: The best signal quality from a computer would be achieved by using a VGA LCD monitor, and not a regular TV LCD monitor.

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