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    When I get out of my car I want to be able to press the computer power button that makes the computer go into Hibernation and automaticaly shutdown after. But I dont want to have to stay and wait for it to shut down then turn the power inverter off. Any suggestions?

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    why switch off the computer
    put a switch on the invertor and flick

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      check out my autoshutdown device. It may be what you are looking for.


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        My problem is I want to press the button on the computer which sends a command to the computer to go into hibernation and then shutdown. But I want to be able to have the Power Inverter shut off after the computer shuts down. I was thinking of the timer in the Radio Shack catalog that can do automatic stops power form the power line in a certain amount of time after the buttoin on it is pressed. I think I will try this. So when I get out of my car I just hit two buttons and the computer shuts down and the timer begins. Then when I get in the car press the copmputer button and the timer off button so it will open the circuit/Power to the inverter. Any comments or suggestions?


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          Will your shutdown controller work with a dc-ac power invertor like most people use to power the computer?


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            My shutdown controller gives you a controlled +12V output using its on board 30A relay.

            Take that output, feed it to your DC to DC converter, OR feed it to your DC-AC inverter. It doesn't matter.