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fuse splitter, switches, noisy parts express 5" lcd

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  • fuse splitter, switches, noisy parts express 5" lcd

    Hello there. My project has turned out quite nicely. I finally have everything all wired up and working the way i want it to. I really wish i had more time...i've been working all day, and staying out in the car nearly the entire evening messing around with my setup the past few weeks. I really want to put up a web page with some pics and instructions eventually. I did two really cool things. The other day, i got a flat, so i went over to Pep Boys to have it repaired. While they were at work, i wandered around and found two really cool parts. The first, i never knew existed. It's a fuse plug it into a fuse receptacle, and it lets you plug two fuses into it, and a wire runs out of it to connect another accessory. Like a computer, perhaps, heh. I found a fuse that is being fed power straight from the battery, and i plugged the splitter into it. Now my computer is wired to the fuse box. I didn't have to cut any wires, or try feeding a wire direct from the battery though the firewall, which was a nightmare. The other cool part i found was a switch kit, which has two light up switches, connectors for wires to the switches, and a holder that screws underneath the dash. I use one of the switches to turn the computer on and off, and i'll use the other one to do something else someday. The switches look really sweet lit up in the dark. The last thing i wanted to mention was about my 5" parts express lcd, and it's crappy built in speakers. You're never really going to use those speakers, are you? I have my screen mounted on the ceiling, and it conveniently gets continuous power from the dome light. For some reason, while the car is running, the engine creates awful noise through those crappy speakers. The noise goes up and down in frequency with the rpms of the engine. The volume control doesn't do anything It sounds really funny, but is very annoying. So, i just opened up my screen, and yanked those stupid speakers out. Heh. I thought maybe some of that noise was coming the backlight inverter, but it was all from those speakers. Now, there's no noise at all. If you have this screen, you might want to do the same thing.

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    how did you hide the vid wire running from the comp to the display? a pic would be perf.
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