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Will subwoofers hurt computer?

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  • Will subwoofers hurt computer?

    I have 2 loud pioneed 10 inch subs mounted in a kicker box in my trunk. I plan to put the computer next to the kicker. Considering the subwoofer is a huge magnet and produces lots of vibration, could this affect the computer? If so, what can I do to safely protect against it? I was thinking if the magnetism would affect it, tin foil would work pretty decently. Thanks a bunch


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    well tin foil wont stop magnetic fields. only electric fields. it acts as a faraday cage. magnetic strength is logarythmic compared to the distance from the center of the poles. its very strong next to them but very weak inches from there. dont worry about that. the vibration might be a problem though.


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      to stop the vibration you could develop some kinda anti-gravity box with a 100% vacuum vibrations...just have the computer suspended in the middle.


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        Yeah, the only problem is that those Anti-Gravity field generators don't run off the 12v of the car battery

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