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  • Anyone here order from alltech

    I sent a money Order to alltech about a week or two ago. Are they suppsed to E-mail me saying they got the money and are going to send the VGA screen. Or do they just send it?

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    I purchased a screen over the phone via credit card, and though they said they would ship it that day it was another 10 before it was actually shipped to me and I recieved it 4 days later. Besides this I was pleased enough with the people there, especially tech support -- they were surprisingly helpful.

    What I would do is keep calling them every other day or so to check on your order.


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      I ordered my screen at 5 in the afternoon. i had it the following day before 3pm.


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        Thanks for your reply's
        but, I dont live in the U.S, I live in Kuwait. I had a freind of mine there send them a money order. I have sent them around 3 e-mails asking about the money order...but to no avail.

        I am going to ask my freind to call them.

        I hope they didnt "lose" my money order

        I had to send 150$


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          actually, I had little success getting responses to my emails. I had to call them...(though calling from Kuwait would be a bummer, ay).


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            I guess I spoke too soon, I got my Monitor thourgh Fed Ex this morning. If anyone wants to anything about the B/W lcd monitor for $88 just post a reply


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              I assume you got your LCD working -- what kind of motherboard are you using with it?


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                Its not really clear, but It works so I am happy

                The mobo is some tiawani company

                WARNING, I dont think it will work with a
                Dc-Dc power supply. Since I took out the plug that containx the -5 or somethin and the LCD refused to load my normal monitor loaded. This could be a problem

                Someone give me a link to some Inverter sellers


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                  ZyKlon X,
         ->electronics ->power suplies


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                    Thanx for your help Alany,
                    I hope it will work with a Dc-Dc
                    If it dosnt Ill post somethin up here

                    and btw Crutchfeild sells Inverters


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                      Hum... as of what I know, the power inverter replaces the need for a DC-DC, since it converts car's DC -> AC and then the powersupply in your cpu converts it back from AC -> DC. so I think that you would need a regular PS instead, but you might have some other use for it.
                      By the way, I ordered a 300w/500w Power Inverter from ( much cheaper than the other site I just mentioned) about 2 weeks ago, but it was on backorder so it just shipped out on thursday, and it takes them 10-14 days for delivery. I will tell you how it works,


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                        Hey Alany,

                        I ordered a Dc-Dc Converter from <A HREF=Http://>Scott Kincaid</A>, It bypasses the need for an Inverter since it goes from Dc-Dc instead Of Dc-Ac (inverter) Ac-Dc ( Computer Power suplly). I just wasnt sure that my Lcd would work with a DcDc since of the extra power it would consume and It mide need some negative power which the Dc-Dc excludes. I am sure it will work. If It dosnt then I am going for a Inverter. I am going to get the 140 watt one