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  • Portable?

    Anyone tried to make a "portable" unit?
    So you dont have to build 2 complete carcomps to use i 2cars.
    What kind of wireplug solution to hook up alla wire at once and so on.

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    Well most carputers are portable as you just plugin the USB cabels and VGA cables and anything else you need into the carputer.

    I think if you have the cabels installed in both cars you can just POP the carputer into the cars and go

    Problem is LCD you either need to make a case that pops into both dashes or use the stand of a liliput and get a spare 1 and just move the LCD back and forth.

    GPS is the other problem you can either buy 2 (cheap enough to get 2) or just plug it in when you move cars

    But if you run wires from the front to the back of both cars its just a matter of plugging in the plugs into the carputer
    CarPC Status:
    GPS: 99%
    Hardware: 99%
    Software: 92%
    Case Install: 99.9%
    Dash Install: 100%
    Car Install: 72%


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      Ok, what i meant was something like:
      Have all (screen, motherboard, disk, and PS) in a case.
      And then have gps, amps, speakers and so on in each car.
      I dont wanna fubmle around and plugin each separate wire one by one, just 1 big.
      Where how to hook it up, if the screen is on the case you need to place the case some wher in the dash, where the room are pretty limited, even if you remove airintakes and more.