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  • Imon Remote Control

    Does anyone have any experience with this remote control for operating a car PC?

    Info can be found at this location

    I have an 04 Titan and am thinking of mounting my Lilliput in the same area that Nissan uses for their Navigation screen. If you know anything about the Titan, it is huge! and this mounting location will not be real friendly for continual pushing of the next song button on frodoplayer as I seem to so often do. I know I can find other solutions (tying a keyboard into my steering wheel controls and so fourth) but I would actually like to put my stock head unit back in as it sounds just as good as my Kenwood and that would then occupy the steering wheel controls. The overall setup would also look nicer than the in-dash housing I am currentlly using.

    They also have a receiver that doubles up as a volume knob, kind of neat if you are looking for such a beast.

    I've found a couple of sites that sell it for around $60, not too bad but if it's a total waste of time, I'd like to know.



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