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Pioneer aux+xm test

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  • Pioneer aux+xm test

    Well I finally installed and tested my setup with my pioneer premier DEX-p1R head unit. I had a pioneer hidaway XM box that I still wanted to use. My deck is an older deck and I wasn't sure if it would even support XM. I purchased a Pioneer CD-RB10 clone cable, and had an existing IpBus cable from before. What I did was hook the IP bus cable up from the Deck to the out IpBus connector on the hidaway unit. then I hooked the cd-rb10 clone cable to the in on the hidaway unit. Next I activated the Aux feature, which is different on some deck. I hooked an RCA Y-cable up to the clone cable. Turns out XM works fine. The deck says external though, but I get all the text. If I hit the source button one more time I get the Aux which is my Car PC. As long as there is a P in your model designation this should apply to you, in terms on XM compatibility,XM ready my ***, seems like its all the same protocol. I'd like to se if this is true for other older decks as well, I'm confident that it is. I'm pretty sure that as long as you have an inbetween device like the XM box, DSP, or Cd changer with Multi/IPbus inputs than this setup sould work for you. Anyways this post is for anyone that wants to keep their XM unit and have an Aux.

    Ip cable, to Out ---------
    XM Box, 903, 910
    CD-RB10 or similar, to in--
    RCA(car PC)

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    I used the CD-RB20 to hook up xm direct to my radio and have computer audio in. I hit the function button and it goes tuner, cd, aux, xm. Aux and xm provide the same audio source(computer and xm mixed) but xm gives me control over the direct unit.
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      Cool so the decks are a little different. My deck can handle muti-Changers, I wonder if that is why I can do that without the cd-rb20. Mine was before Xm-ready, so it was kinda a gamble, but it works just as good as my xm-ready unit that was stolden. I'm wondering if the cd-rb20 is even needed??