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Terratec Cinergy 600TV Stereo with Radio-RDS (PCI)

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  • Terratec Cinergy 600TV Stereo with Radio-RDS (PCI)

    hi there!

    im interested in this card for my starting carPC project. i plan to completely remove the car-radio to get free space for the touchscreen.
    as the datasheet promises this card should provide full RDS-support but no AF (alternative frequency) function. this should be able to be realized with a radio-software that uses RDS. ive got a number of software applications but none of them tells me anything about AF. what do you use, or does anybody know a windows-based solution for me?

    further on id like to hear your comments/experiences with this card. how about radio/tv reception while traveling? what kind of antennas do you use?

    thanks in advance...duffy from austria

    p.s. i know the search function but up to now i did not get a useful result...