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Couple quick questions.

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  • Couple quick questions.

    Ok, I have most of my equipment for my first carcomputer. Its a 2.4 ghz computer (5.8x10x2.75), Intel 865G Chipset, 512 mb, 120gig 3.5 hd, dvd/cdrw drive. The downside is only usb connections, and 1 serial port. I love the pcmcia wireless cards. I am looking for a nice USB wireless network adapter that allows an external antenna.

    Next question, seeing how my system is only USB1.1 and 2.0 I am looking for a nice FM tuner. I see haugepauge makes one and also has tv integrated. Has anyone used one and if so what was quality like?

    Last question, how is everone powering these external hubs without an invertor?

    I dont want any answers saying search the forms, because I have. and than many hours later I get new ideas. I will be taking pictures of my setup from start to finish. Its a 2003 Dodge Ram. Just ordered all my audio equipment as follows (no stock head unit, going to use carputer for everything)

    Infinity Kappa 60.5cs (Front Door)
    Infinity Kappa 63.5I (Rear Door)
    JL E6450 Amp (6 Channel)
    JL Stealthbox for 2003 Dodge Ram1500 10w3v2 300watt

    Carputer 2.4ghz 512mb, Intel 865g chipset, 120gig hd, soundblaster audigy nx
    Gyration Keyboard/Mouse
    Xenarc 7tsv with remote (looking at buying the cage to mount in dash and flip out)
    FM tuner (undecided on product)
    GPS (undecided on product)
    XM Radio (thinking about putting this in as well)
    Use stock steering controls from radio (read up on how people using it, but not sure if solution to integrate into audigy2 nx)

    Seeing alot of nice installs, my install I want it to look completely stock.

    Thanks in advance for replys.

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    find a hub that runs off 5v and then use 5v off your computer power supply
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      search the forums


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        You know the post by people like Zenerdiode are not needed. If you read my post you would see that the forms been searched. Let alone some of the post are outdated and new solutions have been found since than.


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          Originally posted by ZenerDiode
          search the forums
          Post whore!!
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            What Mobo are you using? do you have a spare PCI slot? You add a USB2 PCI card if you do. If you have two you could add on of those PCI cards with external antenna (some are PCI-PCMCIA adapters with PCMCIA wireless card clipped in)


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              Originally posted by edrex
              Post whore!!


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                its an intel 865g motherboard but in order for the small dimensions of computer with case and hd/cd/dvd drive (5.8x10x2.75) there are no PCI slots. The only thing I have is USB 1.1 and 2.0, serial, parallel ports. So its looking like a usb wireless nic however I want to hook up external antenna for wardriving (I am in the security field, currently do it whith whoppix and PCMCIA (orninco Gold card with a +9db gain omni directional antenna). The only thing that is not made yet for usb is a usb to pcmcia adapeter.


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                  it has the pcmcia car inside but obviously connects to the pc via usb. on the top of the card is a jack for an external antenna (you have to hack up the casing a little in order to connect it). i use this with the 7 db antenna and it works great.
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                    Thanks, that is what I was looking for I love the ORNICO. Well that takes card of the usb wireless nic (already ordered).


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                      Originally posted by edrex
                      Post whore!!
                      I would do no such thing...I'm contributing to this thread is a useful manner

                      actually pirate_king...I did read your thread...that's exactly why I posted

                      meant to be a joke, if you take offense, I apologize.


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                        You won't need to power your USB hub unless you plan on plugging other hubs to this one. I bought a USB 2.0 hub and checked for hi-speed connectivity to the PC using a 16ft. USB cable. Worked fine. How do I know that it was connecting at 2.0 and not 1.1? I transferred a 1GB file to the PC from a device connected to the hub.


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                          Hey thanks for the info. Only need to order GPS (Thinking of the gm-211) and undecided about software. I am thinking about this because it also does marine. I plan on doing a system to my 24 baja if my dodge ram comes out smooth. So we may need a new site LOL. Also looking heavilly at the destinator 3 or iguidance. I see that is what most are using but the fugawi seems cool and also has a freee demo download to try. So just USB fm device and setting up the software before install I should be all set.


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                            The Fugawi sofware looks cool, but may clutter a map with unnecessary topographic information. Also, how does the interface compare with iGuidance or Destinator?

                            IMO, vehicle navigation software should only show roads, their names and, optionally, POIs. Any other information should be relegated to other application views. What I especially liked is their tracking software. Kind of like Lo-Jack or OnStar, but you can check the location of your car from any location where you have access to the internet. I have a faint memory of another company with something similar, but can't recall the name. It's definitely a plus for those with everything but a nuclear weapon protecting their car from theft.