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good carputer mobo (other than price)?

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  • good carputer mobo (other than price)?

    I've been working on an embedded project at work, where we are using these mobos, and after testing them alot, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with performance, stability, and power usage for in-car use. The microATX boards use Intel's 855GME chipset, which is essentially the same chipset found in most modern Centrino based laptops. Better yet, Newegg stocks the stuff.

    At work we are using the DFI board because it has a 64 bit PCI slot, but I think for my carputer, I'm going to give the AOpen one a try (although at the moment, the DFI board is cheaper so maybe not). Pair this with a Dothan core Pentium M, and you have a cool running, low power, reasonably high performance (compared to VIA anyway) carputer.

    Just using a "Kill-A-Watt" meter hooked up to my PS, it says it is pulling around 30W at full speed (probably less as the PS registers 4 watts when nothing is running and less with a DC to DC because I assume I'm loosing quite a bit in the AC/DC conversion - time to order my Opus I guess). Pentium M 725 (1.6GHz), 1GB RAM, booting FlashLinux off a 512MB USB stick.