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EPIA 5000 boot problem

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  • EPIA 5000 boot problem

    I have an EPIA 5000 mini-itx with an Eden processor at 533 mhz, and 256 mb RAM. The power supply is a 60w Morex.

    The board works fine most of the time. But I sometimes have problems whenever I hook up my WD 250 gig hard drive. The motherboard boots but the hard drive doesnt spin up all the way. I can definitely hear the drive trying to spin up, but it doesn't "turn over". I have this problem about 50% of the time and then it seems like I can boot up 100 times straight with no problem.

    1) The 250 gig drive works fine on any other system
    2) Other hard drives boot up fine off the EPIA. (I haven't tried my other 250 gig drive but it occurs to me now to do this)
    3) It seems like if I set the drive aside for a little bit and then try again, it boots fine.
    4) No other drives or cards are hooked up to the board.

    Is this a power supply problem? I don't understand why it will work half the time and not work the rest of the time. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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    I also have an EPIA 5000 mini-itx with an Eden processor at 533 mhz, and 256 mb RAM.
    Did you get any info from via?

    I have a problem but I cannot find anyone to help me.

    During the first bootup process, I hit <esc> and choose option "4" in the menu (bootstrap menu);

    This option avoids the DHCP look up. If I manually power off the unit, the unit skips the DHCP lookup, and continues loading the Fendora software.

    However, when I software reboot the unit with a linux command shutdown, the unit skips my chosen selection and does a DHCP lookup.

    Does anyone know how to solve this?