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Smallest Touch PAd Mouse... or Shuttle Mouse QUESTION!!!

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  • Smallest Touch PAd Mouse... or Shuttle Mouse QUESTION!!!

    Okay, as most can tell IM NEW!!! So here's the 2 questions...

    What is the smallest TOUCHPAD Mouse available?

    Next is, I seen around the web somewhere a sort of turn knob mouse. That would be used like a Shuttle for video editing. Except this one was smaller than most that I have seen. I can't seem to find it anymore... Anyone know where to find it?

    The next question would be. With the shuttle mouse, is there a scroll style on screen keyboard. Where I am going with this is.. if there is then you could use the Shuttle mouse much like the newer cars have, ie... BMW, Mercedes, AUDI, Acura... and so many more that are using the shuttle mouse to navigate the on board computers....

    Thanks for any help in advance...

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    Well those typically have probably been seen as volume control knobs. I've seen some tweaks out there using drivers and modifications to match the program to your need.