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M10000 ACPI Header - Waiting for help...

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  • M10000 ACPI Header - Waiting for help...

    Uhhhh - I'm having problems! Help Please! I am sitting here waiting to install the CarNetix and PC before I have to go to bed (so I'll have it in the morning ).

    I am having problems locating where the ACPI wires go onto the mobo. I have an M10000. I looked on in their detail connection area, but it's only an arrow pointing to somewhere. I can't see what it's pointing to. HELP! Thanks! -BW

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    WhoHoooo!!! I am STOKED! It's all finally starting to come together! I built a few different cable harnesses, hooked up the CarNetix 1260, and wired up the computer. It works awesome! I have about a gazillion wires running everywhere in the back of the cab - more to finish tomorrow before work... I was initially kinda worried that the system would not survive an engine crank since my battery isn't quite the best (at least I think). I was wrong! I couldn't have been happier! It stayed on right through the starting of the engine. The only downfall is the Lilliput went off after the crank - but it's not on the CarNetix yet. It will be though! *singing* I'm soooo hhhaaaappppyy -- oohhhhhhh sooooo happppyyy!!

    Thanks everyone with your help up to this point! It's MUCH appriciated! -BW

    Time to sleep - got a lot to play with tomorrow!

    Ohh yeah - 1 other note. The WiFi b/g adapter I got from I have it in the system now with the little stock antenna, and it worked from outside first try. The laptop wouldn't even attemp this . I can't wait till I get the external antennas on Wednesday - I bet it'll go very far then! Newegg's b/g PCI adapter and the Carnetix 1260 both have my AA+++ votes!!


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      We love happy customers....

      (btw...the MANUAL pg22 shows the location detail....)
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