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Where can I find Low Wattage CPU's and other components???

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  • Where can I find Low Wattage CPU's and other components???

    I am not sure if I am phrasing this properly or not so please bear with me. I am trying to find low power consumption components for my system but I have no idea where or how to determine how much amperage they consume. This is all to sort out what size of power supply I should get. Please help me out or recommend a better way (search terms) that I can find results.


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    Gonna give you a general guide to get you started:

    Have a good read through the psu section and look for mention of power calcualtor sites.

    For low power try looking at some epia installs - can run off a 90W psu easy

    P3 installs (slow ones are possibly able to run off 90W as long as you dont go crazy with fullsize drives but 150 opus probably safer)

    if you want more power look for some athlon XP-M installs (mobile athlons) - need more power (at least 150W)


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      Thats a very good quick guide for you to get started! Thumbs up
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        Getting an Opus 150 would be the safest bet. It will give you a margin of flexability and reliability that will be hard to beat.

        Only down side being the cost of course...
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