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how would i do this?

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  • how would i do this?

    alright so i have everything i need to mov emy computer to the trunk
    i want ti to be mounted like this

    how would i go about doing that?
    i have never seen a car with anything like tha tmounted in the back so i cant even begin to think of something

    i searched this board for pics but thats the best one i could find
    it would be helpful if anyone knew any more info

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    For starters threads with titles like "how would i do this?" really **** me off! USE DESCRIPTIVE TITLES as it says int he noob guide!

    it is so much easier searching for stuff when preople use rpoper titles. Why not "how to move PC to trunk?"?

    The PC in that picture looks like it is held up using a CD changer mount which is just a metal bracket mounted to the underside of the boot. surely you have seen that before. You can see the bracket in grey. There are a few boot isntalls liek this around and lots of car manufacturers put their autochangers up there so they don't get bashed by things rolling around the boot. one that pops to mind is the Mazda MX5.

    Either make a bracket or try and use a CD changer bracket (from a car audio place).


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      oh man so sorry
      i'll change it now

      i think i can make the brackets
      i just need to know how they secured the brackets to the top of the trunk


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        Damn, simmer scouse, it's okay, step back, few deep breaths, relax.

        Dannn, you should just get crazy, go to the hardware store, and see what they got. I would think that even little shelve elbows would be able to help you mount your PC like that. Or get some sheet metal, cutter, and make one. Can't make one, sure you can find someone that can no prob. Like custom car shops, or even a place like uhh... a custom rock crawler store could cut your a piece of metal and shape it and drill some holes in it for ya. People that build custom chassy stuff.

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          I find that since I started working on my CarComputer that I can't walk into a hardware store and look at things the same way. Hell, I even walk through the cooking section and wonder if the cookie pans could be used for a motherboard mount.

          Just look around, there are so many different things being manufactured for so many different applications around the world that whatever you are looking may have already been made... But for something totally unrelated, the Ikea key box for example...

          Yep, lots of things have been made before, maybe even a single DIN moterized VGA monitor with integrated DVD drive...
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            Originally posted by Tidder
            Damn, simmer scouse, it's okay, step back, few deep breaths, relax.
            Yeah i know was in one of those moods where everywhere i looked there was a question that seemed to obvious to be true! Too easy to forget that what is obvious to one person is not to another.


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              Dannn - nice descriptive title dude! i like it! It helps soooo much to have decent titles.

              EDIT: its just a shame you cant change the damn title int he thread list - oh well.


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                Hey Dannn you have a 7thgen too and that's how I was planning on mounting mine but in the middle.. If I BUY a case, I'll just get my brother to weld me up a bracket but if I make a case then I'll have another form of mounting. I just wanted to post and say we have the same car and want to mount our pcs the same!

                EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm going to create something that suits the needs of taking the PC out of the car all the time as well. So I can use it inside and also as theft prevention!
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                  yea i have access to a metal shop so that wont be a problem
                  i just want to figure out where to mount it to
                  it looks like that if i drill into the trunk it will come out of the rear deck.
                  i may be worng but somone may know something