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Possible to split XM Direct cable to computer and XM commander?

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  • Possible to split XM Direct cable to computer and XM commander?

    Hi... i just got my XM direct with the XM commander controller but I really want to use the direct by itself with my carputer (Frodoplayer in particular). but because of where I live and issues with temperature (mostly in the winter), I'd like to have to option of leaving the carputer off and using the XM commander to control the XM. It would not be convenient to do a unplug PC and plug XM Commander for where my XM direct is located... Would it be possible to just split the signals? Meaning like a 2 into 1 where one plug is connected to the XM direct and then the serial cable went out from that and the XM commander tapped the same cables? I realize this would need made and I have the components here to do that... Just dont' want to fry anything

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    I am using a old mac printer switch(din8) to change control of my xm direct from computer to head unit.
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      anyone know or did it how to embeed iguidane to centrafuse please let me know how to do do it please


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        wrong place to post that question... In Centrafuse you have to select iguidance as a ext. app.