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finally all enclusive cd dvd-rw solution

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  • finally all enclusive cd dvd-rw solution

    sorry if this is old news to some people but I have been looking high and low for this.


    3x Speed DVD-RAM Writing
    8x Speed DVD-R Writing
    4x Speed DVD-RW Writing
    8x Speed DVD+R Writing
    4x Speed DVD+RW Writing
    24x Speed CD-R Writing
    10x Speed CD-RW Writing
    24x Speed CD-ROM Reading
    12x Speed DVD-ROM Reading
    Buffer Under Run Protection
    DVD MULTI Read/Write Support
    Slot Loading
    Replaces models UJ-825-B and UJ-815-B
    Windows and MAC OS supported

    and even dual layer.


    All of the above +
    4x DVD+R DL )8.5GB Dual Layer)

    slot load dvd rw

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    I now Panasonic Slot dvd have been discussed before, but I think the model numbers were different. Plus this one seems to be cheaper then the other one, good find.
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      the 835 is the same drive that is used in the mac mini. some people have even reported getting 845's i guess maybe supply is running low on the 835?


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        $151 is not bad for dvd burner. I might just get that very slim. i LIke


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          I have 2 of the Panasonic slotload DVD / CD-R and think they are great.

          @ $150 Its not that much more to have the DVD-R dual layer feature. Would be nice to " Backup " DVD's in the car.


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            I can't imaging backing up dvds in the car. But i guess there could be uses sometimes.


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              Originally posted by welthqa
              I can't imaging backing up dvds in the car. But i guess there could be uses sometimes.
              swing by blockbuster, grab DVD, burn DVD while car sits @ work ( takes about 2.5 hours per DVD ), or, if someone is riding with you and wants a quick copy of a couple songs, give em' 4.7 GB worth.


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                anybody have any experience with this one?


                other then it being no name, it seems like a great deal
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