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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a high quality pen drive for my PhD work (and no doubt i will use it in my car) and though i would see what everyone was using and where you got it from.

    What i am looking for is 1Gb miniumum but probably 2 (i dont see the point in going any lower these days).

    It needs to be rugged and preferably waterproof (incase it gets dropped getting out of the car)

    Good transfer speed - what should i be looking for (obviously usb2 at that size but what read/write speeds). Does anyone use one that is particularly good or have one thta claims to be good but is actually pretty poor.

    Would like something pretty small and quite descrete (depsite being ruggedised)

    LED for activity warning is helpful i guess

    Nice reliable software for security etc. A PC lock would be handy too so i have to plug the pen in to activate the PC. I have never used one as i have been waitng for the size to get over that of a Cd for a reasonable price so have no idea what you get with the secure ones.

    I did look for reviews but new ones seem to come out every bloomin week so i though i would get som real peoples views. And also if anyone has seen somewhere cheap to get a good one in the UK.

    So far the one i am looking at is the Corsair Voyager 2Gb which come in around 110 at Scan. But it isnt the nicest or smallest looking thing but it does look like a safe choice and i can't risk getting 1 1/2 hours away to my sponsors in yeovil and finding my drive is wiped or faulty. I did here the other year that sony ones had good performance any my friend has certainly found hers to be good but they are pretty expensive.


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    Well any of them are usually good. Ive dealt with many different brands and sizes and aslong as they are usb 2.0 (never dealt with anything slower) you shouldnt have any problems. If you are worried about file loss, and you dont need 2gigs. Try 2 1gig, think of it as a raid except you have to manually do it. Make exact copies on 2 different ones (different brands too?) That way if you need 2 gigs you have it, and if you only have 1 gig of info you can keep a backup on a second one aswell.

    But I havent had any problems with any USB pen drives.


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      The flash memory chips seem to be pretty durable. I've used one for a couple of years now. It has even survived a trip trough the washing machine! A co-worker kicked hers when it was sticking out of the front usb slot under her desk and bent the connector over about 60 degrees. The contacts didn't break and there was no data loss because of it.
      Rick S.

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        Nice reliable software for security etc
        Think you can get them with thumprint readers in now biometrics is getting about you can get a mouse now that reads fingerprints for a password. I have a cheap 64m pendrive that I have had for 2 years don't know the name as it worn of the ouside of the case and a TwinMos half gig usb2 one I got for about 32 at a local computer fair. Think they are all seem good but try to get a slim one or you may find the usb port next to it is blocked if its bulky. If your feeling flush I think you can get an 8gig one now.
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