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DSL Problems...somebody help?

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  • DSL Problems...somebody help?

    Ok, so I've got Verizon DSL here at home. Well, here's the deal...I've got 3 phone lines here at the house. 2 of them run to every room, like normal <2 phone lines in each jack, work off of a regular 2-line phone>. Well, the third line only runs into one outlet in one room. I have that line only for a fax machine. Well, since I got the DSL like 6 months ago, I have had nothing but the cable modem running into that wall outlet, and the DSL is working perfect. The last week, it's been hella slow, so I went to look. My roommate hooked the fax machine back up, using a general phone cable splitter <just the lil plastic box that plugs in the wall with 2 phone jacks in it>. Ok, so I did a quick connection speed test (at, and got a whopping 11kBps. Worse than dial-up. I dialed up on AOL and got 86kbps. that sucks. So, I took the splitter out of the equation, and just hooked the modem into the wall. Back to 730kbps!!! Ok, so, is the splitter the problem? Seems to me that DSL is made to run through a line that is shared by phones and stuff, so having the fax machine on the same line should have no effect. Do I just need to hardwire another wall jack in for the fax? It appears to me that this would have exactly the same affect, as adding another outlet would only tap into the same line, the same way the splitter does. The only thing I think this would help is by taking out the ****ty connections and cheap wiring in the RatShack splitter. HELP!!! My brother actually works for verizon, so I'm gonna call him in the morning. But until then, if anyone has another idea...HELP!

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    Disconnect the fax machine and move it to one of the other NON DSL jacks.


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      Well...that puts it on the other lines. I'm still paying for 3 lines into the for home, one for my office line, and one for a fax line. If i pay for all 3, I'd like to have all 3.


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        You need to add a filter! Do it like so:

        Wall Jack
        | |
        DSL Filter
        Modem |

        You should have received filters with your DSL modem... -BW

        EDIT: That got kinda messed up.. Doesn't look right on this page... Basically, plug the DSL modem into 1 output of the splitter, and a filter into the other output of the splitter. The fax then plugs into this filter... -BW


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          Well you never add a filter to the DSL modem...only the fax machine needs a filter.

          oops, i see you edited your bad, you got it right now.
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            Right thats what I was trying to say.. I guess I didnt do the best job at it.... -BW


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              yes, add a filter to the fax
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