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  • Boot Time.. Halllp

    Ok, heres the specs:

    600 mhz celery processor
    128 mg ram
    added aTI video card
    no other cards or drives
    Media Engine is choice of front end

    My boot time takes forever.. Mostly loading windows..
    Anyway to boot the system into like "barebones" windows XP?
    Other Suggestions?

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    get more ram 256 atleast better is 512, and there are a lot of threads about this
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      What do you mean 'forever' can I or we get more of a description ? if it's 1 or 2 minutes then its because your system simply isnt powerful enough, if it's 10 or 15 minutes then there's probably another issue worth looking into.

      -Thanks !
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        There's alot of information about this in these forums so

        One option is to nLite your XP installation. nLite basicly strips your installation CD of anything you dont think you need. People have got their install down to 156mb! However, it takes alot of careful planning because if you remove a component that, say, mapmonkey needs - you wont be able to use it.
        I personally messed around with nLite and decided it would be alot easier to install WindowsXP as it was.

        More nLite info:

        Another option is Microsoft Bootvis. It was originally released for windows users as a way of decreasing boot times. Microsoft actually removed it from their site recently because apparently it doesn't actually do this. However from personal experience i can say it *does*


        Also, do some configuring in device manager.. I.E if USB devices are enabled.. and you dont use any - disable them! Stuff like that helps alot with boot. Disable anything that you dont use including some windows services. on this and you will find alot of info.

        BIOS stuff helps.. set your floppy boot seek off, enable quick POST, disable primary and secondary slave, whatever's relevant that you dont use.. everything your bios wants to try detect that you dont have will take time. Search on this also.

        Try these and you could have an install that boots in around 25 seconds
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          Oh one more thing.. the forums for minlogon.. it will decrease your boot time amazingly!
          306 CarPC
          • Fibreglassed lcd installed into dash
          • Griffin PowerMate
          • epia 800 512mb sdram
          • MediaEngine
          • MapMonkey


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            my only suggestion is to try to identify which part takes "forewer". is it P.O.S.T? then go to your BIOS and try to find more agressive settings. if its OS, which one are you using? if its WinXP, consider using nLite, or XPlite to take away bloating stuff. see "OS optimalization section" here in forums. disable unused services. disable unused devices in device manager. consider using minlogon. search for some registry tweaks. disable network interfaces you do not use and delete protocols you never use from remaining interfaces. download bootvis, and optimize your system using this tool. same tool can be used to analyze your system boot and list you all the components that are loaded during boot together with time they took to initialize.
            and best for all: post in software forum section, you will have more answers.


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              Since you said take "forever to load Window".
              I would said bump to at least 265MB RAM to see if that improve anything.
              WinXP will get the system into hibernate and boot, but will your hardware support that? Take a look in XP Power Option, if there is hibernate option, use that.
              If all don't work, nLite, minLogon or whatever option that other suggested.
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