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    I've got some questions for all you people who use Dr. DiVX.

    1. Is it worth the money?

    2. Does it require that I rip my DVDs into some kind of file or can it encode directly from the dvd drive on my PC?

    3. If It does require a ripper, does anyone have any suggestion on which one I should use

    4.How do the movies com out (quality wise)?

    I would google this but the fact of the matter is I trust the opinions of the people on this board more than just some regular strangers. I think because we all have a common goal (the most *****ing car computer system possible) we are more aware of each other's needs. Anyway , thanks for the help
    Aut cum scuto, aut in scuto

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    It's been a while since I've used it but from what I remember:

    1. Umm, how much is it? Value is a personal judgement.
    2. If I remember rightly yes, you rip but it's fast and easy.
    3. I can dig up some info on what I used.
    4. Quality is awesome, you can choose the quality, penalty is encoding time and file size. You can create HD/THX quality movies.

    Have you read up on ?

    Isn't there an eval of Dr DivX you could try?



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      I'm a big Divx fan. I convert a lot of movies that I either buy, borrow or rent into divx for use on my HTPC or Carputer. I use to use Dr. Divx. It was very easy and never seemed to have any problems. It does not rip the DVD's, you have to use something to rip the DVD to your HD first. I use the FREE program cladDVD.NET to do that. Currently I use AutoGK, donationware, to do the encoding. You still either have to use cladDVD.NET or DVDDecrypter to rip the DVD first.

      If you are interested in ripping DVD's to VCD or SVCD, or converting Divx to VCD/SVCD's I would recommend DVD2VCD which again is donationware. It is actually a "suite". Basicly it's a frontend which runs other free software to encode the movie.

      Is Dr. Divx worth the money? Probably, but you can do the same for free.

      It does have limitations. It stores the audio in MP3 format, with AutoGK I an encode them with AC3 which works better for my HTPC then MP3. It also doesn't allow for plugins like AutoGK. I like to use cropping so I don't have to encode the black bands that some movies have.


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        I also would recommend

        there are all sorts of tutorials.

        Dr.Divx IS a ripper, you can select what sort of DVD to use / discard and also select what sort of quality / output file.
        I do not believe that it will work on Copyrighted stuff, and you will need something like AnyDVD running at the same time for stuff like that.
        I prefer to use Nero Recode myself for DVD-DVD and DVD-MP4

        good luck


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          Dr DivX is great for making high quality rips (700MB / 1.4GB) of DVD's at a decent speed with minimal effort.

          Some problems exist though:
          1. It does a really poor job with low bitrate encodes e.g. you wanted to reencode your favorite 350MB TV-Rip to a 100MB version
          2. I've never been able to encode rips of home-made DVD's. Retail DVD's are no problem.
          3 With the latest version I've gotten audio sync problems. Forced me to revert to the previous version.

          But as always, grab the demo and give it a try.


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            1. Yes, to me it is.
            2. It needs the DVD to be pre-ripped into a file, but...
            3. integrates nicely with smartripper ( You can have DrDivx launch this as an external app.
            4. Movie quality is superb for the file sizes. For the car, I generally target 768Kbps video and 160Kbps audio, which is fine for the 7" screen. Of course you can go nuts with this, too, if that's your thing.


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              I prefer to use #1 DVD Ripper. It will rip from a DVD or hard drive and convert to VCD, SVCD or Divx. For Divx encoding, the Xvid codec seems to produce a much cleaner copy then Divx. Trial version is available here:
              Rick S.

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                I've followed these steps, with free software, and have great Xvid rips on my HD.

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