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  • Need Help with Idea!!

    If I took my modded xbox and connected the video(yellow) to the a LCD screen and took the sound( red & white) to an eq would that work would I be able to get good sound out of my amplifiers to my speakers and sub? I really need to find this out because I was planning on installing a carputer but I dont have all the cash right now already have an lcd and the eq. Thanks in advance.

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    Um the Auxiallry voltage coming from the xbox is around 1 (or even less, 800mV or something) which is far less than head units output (2.5 to 5V generally). The EQ may help because you can increase the signal, but i am unsure if it will increase it enough. With a too small signal, you have to crank the gain and it will probably sound ****.

    You can look into linedrivers...i think theyre expensive. I also use a modded xbox, but i bought a new head unit specfically for the aux in feature so that it could all be controlled nicely (albeit expensively)

    Hope that helps
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