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What FM radio tuner do you use?

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  • What FM radio tuner do you use?

    I haven't finalized my carPC setup yet, I'm still looking for a USB GPS and a USB FM Tuner. There are so many of each on the market now, it's hard to choose. I don't know what's good and what's crap, etc.

    I'd like something that would be compatible with frodoplayer ... and maybe Windows MCE 2005. I'm still debating on which front end I want to use... but I'll probably go with frodoplayer.

    Also, any recomendations on a GPS?


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    Search the forum and you will find 2 things:

    -that all usb/pci/isa am/fm radios are CRAP, some people are working on a solution that will be available as a kit later on, and uses real car-radio quality chips

    -a good gps receiver

    List of front-ends/usefull apps
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      I use a Studio TV Terminator by V-stream, it's ok it get's the 4 major and 2 minor station in town and get's 2 pittsburgh chans (80miles away) barly.

      as for GPs I use the one I got with microsoft Streets and trips 2K5

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        I decided to go with the FM Radio tuner + mouse ... and I'm gonna solder it directly to my car's antenna.

        How's the GPS that came with MS Streets & Trips? is it really reliable? any problems with it?


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          I started with a expensive, yet lousy GPS - ETAK / Sony Skymap. GREAT software lousy hardware - the gps would take up to 20 min to lock. Quick lock time is key with GPS. Cheap antennas are slow to lock.

          I did some research and found the Garmin GPS16 will start its search, and lock within seconds, and does all this without help from the PC. By the time the PC has booted the GPS already has a lock. I love my Garmin.

          I tried a d-link fm / usb - it was junk. some people say the griffin shark is going to be great, but I dont think its shipped yet. My vote goes to XM - The xm direct box is cheap and solid. lots of good software for it
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