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Can I recover a crashed hard drive?

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  • Can I recover a crashed hard drive?

    I've had a Maxtor 120gb hdd for about 5 years now. I have a ton of information that is priceless (pictures, conversations, old papers I wrote) on it. The hard drive is done for and the needle just moves back and forth (not scratches) the platters and makes a loud clicking noise.

    My question is... Is there a way I can take the platter out of the one maxtor hdd and put it into another one and get that information back? Is there a speciality shop that does hard drive recovery like that?

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      sure their are places that do this, but its generally like 5 grand +

      u sure the platters just sit their and do nothing?

      If bios can see it and windows can see it, maybe you can use a recovery program to just copy the data off.


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        The bios read it and the platters spin but the bios also give an incorrect reading.


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          You might be able to swap parts with another IDENTICAL drive.
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            i've heard that you can try freezing the thing to get at your data one last time, beyond that their are some software tools (the good ones are expensive) that might work, and then there's the data recovery places with like 85% success rate. You might, I say might, buy another drive of the exact same model and open it up and switch out the platters if you don't want to spend the money to get the data from a professional. There is a possibility that this will work, but it should be a last resort.


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              I was thinking about swaping the parts because I have the same maxtor hdd that's only like 10gb.


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                NO NO NO!!! It must be the IDENTICAL drive!!!
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                  I've heard with ibooks if they crash, you just hook them up firewire to a mac desktop... i can't see how this helps, but i hope you get your stuff man.
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                    here is a link
                    with a few suggestions as to get you on the road to recovery. Yes, the Freezing method is mentioned


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                      you can take a hard drive and throw it into the freezer.. after its very cold, hook it back up. there is also software called "Get Data Back"

                      they have it for fat32 and ntfs drives.


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                        works like a champ
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                          Originally posted by bd3521

                          works like a champ
                          YEP, this software is the ****, I once wiped out my "My Documents" Partition - it had about 20gigs of my pics, with about 7000+ MP3s

                          I got everthing back with this software
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                            I had a similar problem a while ago. I tried using ontracks data recovery but had no luck as the drive wasent even showing up in my computer so this is what i did
                            Leave the drive alone for a couple of days and then hook it up as a slave and reformat it (ntfs, but remember what type of format it was previously most likly fat 32) tried using Ontracks data recovery Format revovery option nad got back over 80% of my work,

                            Hope this helps, you could also tru the follwing shaking the hard drive hard, freesing it overnight as the last options only
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                              There are three scenarios :

                              1) Hard disk controller failure
                              2) Controller halts self registering procedure due to a controller boot failure or because a monitoring parameter gone out of range
                              3) Platter/motor/head physical damage that prevent the heads to align and thus the controller to complete the power on control sequence

                              Since you probably opened the disk casing and found no evidence of physical damage of the platters and since the disk shows itself on the BIOS with a scrambled name, it is very possible that the controller is damaged. This could be a result of a power surge that caused firmware corruption. Your best chance is, as others already stated, to swap the controller with one from another IDENTICAL drive and test.

                              DO NOT USE THE FREEZING METHOD before you make sure it isn't your controller's fault. The freezing method is used in cases of platter - head come in physical contact. The metals will shrink when become cold leaving space for the stuck head to move but only as long as the metals are cold. When the metals reach room temp again they will expand and create micro-fractures on every metal surface rendering your drive unusable and unrecoverable by ANY method.

                              Keep us posted.