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For those with ground noize/buzzing problems

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  • For those with ground noize/buzzing problems

    Not sure if this was mentioned before. but make sure your RCA connections arent exposed.

    I just put in some new usb cables in my car and when i put everything back together, i had the buzzing noise. WTF!! I never had it before.

    So I took apart my car a little to trace the sound wire. Sure enough, where I plugged in the RCA male into the female, there is still some metal exposed on the connection. Just so happens that that little piece, like .005 inches of metal was touching metal and that cause my buzzing.

    Just letting you guys know so you can check this too,

    Oh and I have ALL my wires, about 6 including a 8 guage power wire, all running down the same "avenue" from the front of my car to the trunk where the pc is, and i have had no sound issues related to that. And i bought cheap ebay cables too, so dont be afraid to run all your wires down the same path.
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